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Ginger–the RARE MARE–Rescue Riders first rescue
November 5, 2012, 19:12
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Gage asked how Rescue Riders started. It basically started with Ginger. My best friend Pam liked my horses so much that she wanted on for herself and her kids to ride. Her husband knew of a horse for sale from someone at his work so we went up to Canaveral Groves to look at it.  We had to go back a week later to have her coggins pulled and she was in worse shape then, than when we originally saw her. We knew we had to move her immediately or she wouldn’t make it. We pulled into a boarding barn and found someone willing to trailer her the hour to my boss’ property. We couldn’t take her to where my horses were boarded, she was in too bad shape. The vet was not sure she would make it.  We successfully rehabilitated her and she became a lovely riding horse for my friend and her kids. She also taught us to teach other kids how to ride and work with horses. When my friend moved to Tennessee she took Ginger and a couple other horses with her.  While in Tennessee, my friend met people with a big barn and lots of riding kids. When she had to move further north where it got really cold, she gave Ginger and another horse to these people. She hears from them a couple times a year and Ginger is still happily teaching kids to ride. Ginger lived with Rescue Riders from Sept 4 2003 until she moved in 2007(I think)

Ginger the day Pam bought her

Ginger the day we brought her home.

Ginger fully recovered.

Ginger doing her favorite thing,



Class list for Medieval Adventure Horse show
November 5, 2012, 11:04
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I am trying a slightly different format for our November horse show. Instead of buying ribbons and medal and giving awards for the top 6 places, I am making the prizes and everyone who rides each event will get a prize for that event. Riders will still be timed and placed and the high point rider will get a high point award. I won’t say what it is, you will have to wait til after the show on Nov 24.  Some of the prizes are being detailed on my craft blog. Here is a class list for the show though.

Medieval Adventure Class List

Classes 2-9 top 5 placings count for high point award.

1. Costume class–Dress up before the show starts. Ride in to show off your costumes. Keep your costume on all day if you want! (or can) Participation counts for points for high point award.

2. Jousting– Retrieve inflatable sword. Collect all the rings. Deposit them at the finish line. Claim your trophy.

3. Sword fighting–Attack the castle with your sword. Must get in 3 hits to stop the clock. After everyone gets a go with the swords, you will get off your horses and bust open the castle to retrieve your prizes.

4. Archery– When you knock your prize down with the arrow, you get to claim it.

5. Capture the token– Ribbon pairs.– You retrieve your token from an audience member, and try to stay connected to your partner as long as possible. When it breaks you get to keep your half.

6. Water cup challenge–Keep your golden goblet full as long as possible.

7. Bird n spoon– Egg and spoon– Keep the little birdie on the golden spoon.

8. Obstacle course–Follow the path through the castle and claim your gold from the treasure chest.

9. Bareback to the rescue– Buck a back– Whoever keeps the kings dollar (yours) under their knee the longest while riding bareback, gets to keep them all.

10. High point award ceremony– parade of riders– Parade into the ring on your magnificent steeds and find out who is the ruler of the land.

11. Pole bending–Just for fun, not counting for high point award.

12. Barrel Racing–Just for fun, not counting for high point award.

It has been fun to adapt these ideas to safe horse back riding. I hope they actually do work out well.

Winter in October
October 31, 2012, 19:16
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Actually had to break out the blankets for October. We went fro 80 to 40 in about 30 hours. I don’t think the horses minded it, and I found it quite nice. I do like Florida winter. I get to drink coffee longer and start chores later. Then I have to work faster to finish before dark. But it still feels relaxing. Especially when I am going to sleep under my blankets knowing everyone here is warm and cozy.


Throw away horses
October 13, 2012, 18:20
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Trying to think of a way to help out some of the stranded slaughter bound horses and still properly care for the 10 rescues here. Maybe raise some funds to help pay transport to owners willing to take a chance on them.160.000 horses are sent to slaughter each year, but with 2 million horse owners in this country, it shouldn’t be hard to find homes for 160,000 horses. Don’t just say you would help of you can. Send $5 to a horse transport company or a rescue or a vet to help to sponsor a horse. It “only” costs about $7.20 to feed a horse for a day.

People are not generally mean and don’t usually buy or breed a horse with the intent of sending it to slaughter.  One horse I saw at slaughter was a 20 year old foundered pony. I do not think his owner said I will send him to auction to make $30. I am sure it was, I cannot afford to treat his founder and do not have the $300 it will cost to put him down. I will send him to auction so I don’t have to pay for him anymore.

The main reasons for these horses seem to be poor or little training, health problems, nearing retirement age, not suited for the job they were bought for, and lack of funds to care for them. The root of this is that we are trained from toddler-hood to get what we want now and when we don’t want it anymore to throw it in the trash. We need to refind our work ethic, stop complaining when things get difficult, and be willing to do what it takes to honor the responsibilities we have to the world we have so altered. We did not make this world, but God made us responsible for it and all his creatures.

It is so easy for most people to run to Walmart for groceries, and while there spend an extra $10 on little stuff that just takes up space and will only be put in the trash anyway. Think of all the little plastic toys in the bottom of a toybox or all the old clothes shoved in the back of the closet.

I just started imagining what how strong our country would be if everyone would give $10/month to take care of someone else. Worked as hard as they were able to. Cared for those they were responsible for. Quit complaining when things were difficult and they didn’t get everything they wanted right away. And were thankful for what they had and remembered that their problems could always be worse.

Oh, well, stop fantazing, start creating. I am making all the prizes for the November horse show. That will save me $200. It is also more fun (at least for me, hope the kids like them too.)

Kids first real horse show
October 12, 2012, 09:12
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We do a show here twice a year. These shows are done here with a limited number of riders, all of similar ability. Our trainer took an interest in some of the more advanced riders and gave them extra lessons through out the summer and beginning of the school year so they could go to their first local show at Wickham Park. They rode in classes with 12 and 16 riders and did very well. They also got compliments from experienced show competitors for their good behavior. (the kids) The horses did well and handled the show quite happily. I believe all had a good time. 

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Horse pics
October 12, 2012, 09:01
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A former horse of Katharine’s returned home after 19 years. She was well loved and cared for where she was at for most of her life, but her owner had to downsize because of age and health problems (hers, not the horse’s) So she got to come home to her breeder. We are thrilled to have her. She looks almost just like her mother, the best arab mare I have ever known. 

Bianca and Shauna getting to know each other, I think they will be buddies. It was Shauna’s mother who originally arrived with Bianca.

Roxanne is trying to steal Bianca’s bran.

Nope, I was just checking to see if she ate it.

Craft Fair
September 16, 2012, 18:19
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I haven’t been updating lately because most of my computer time has been spent working on the craft fair I am organizing as a fundraiser. I have made lots of contacts with people who are very creative and many are blessing our fair with there presence. I am looking forward to this event. And cant wait for a bright and fun day with lots of interesting people…