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Life changes may not be what you ask for but can lead to good
December 3, 2012, 06:43
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My life turned haywire and is just settling a bit. (kind of anyway). I was getting ready for the horse show and keeping up with everything else when one of my husband’s friends came by. We had been separated for several years due to alcoholism and domestic violence. (He had PTSD really bad from Vietnam  She told me he was dying of prostrate cancer and the lady who was taking care of him just wanted his money. Got a friend of mine to go with me to check up the situation. Bedridden, emaciated, in pain, with a 70 year old lady trying to take care of him, but he didn’t trust her. Katharine let me rearrange the house and I moved him in here, set up care with very little help from HOSPICE the Tuesday before thanksgiving. Put on the horse show the Saturday after thanksgiving, he died Monday  Now I get to take care of all the paperwork, clean out his house and 3 storage units (he was also a hoarder and an artist) and still keep up with regular life. Somehow I am getting most of it done.

I am just so grateful for my boss for putting up with me overloading my life and hers to help those who need me,  my friends who are helping me out, for the DAV helping me with paperwork, for the new Vietnam veteran buddies I have met, and most of all for the kids who come ride here. They have helped me keep my sanity more than they realize. I am trying to think of a way to let other veterans, especially those with cancer to be able to come here for some R and R and sanity and peace. Not to live here, just come out like the kids do. Without adding too much more work for me.


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